Diet and Pooping

How to Improve your pooping Table of Contents Pooping is a natural bodily function that we all do, but how we eat, exercise, and poop can have a big impact on our bodies. In this article, we’ll explore the connection between diet, exercise, and pooping, and how using The PoopSTICK can help ease your poop. […]

5 Tips To Eat Clean And Healthy On A Budget

Unlike what many others would think, eating healthy is not always expensive. There are plenty of ways on how to eat clean and healthy food while your on a tight budget. All it takes include putting a little bit of effort and getting more creative while shopping and preparing your meals. Listed down are 10 practical tips […]

5 Common Causes Of Gut Health Damage

Many studies have revealed the link between chronic diseases and gut health. A damage on the wall lining of your digestive system could cause an impact to your overall health. As a result of this gut health damage, inflammation occurs in some parts of the body and your immune system overreacts. To avoid this, it is important […]

Cereals Could Make You Live Longer

Want to live longer after surviving your first heart attack? Try eating high-fiber cereals starting today. High-fiber diet comes as one of the best approaches on achieving a healthy digestive system. But did you know that in addition, cereals could help some individuals live longer? A new study suggests that eating a high-fiber such as cereals may […]

Indian Kimchi Recipe For Good Tummy

Indian kimchi is a must try. Due to its healthy components and taste, this recipe is good for your tummy and palate. Kimchi takes the top spot as the best probiotic food around. Adding this to your daily meal brings many benefits necessary for ultimate gut health. Probiotics, also known as live good bacteria provides aide to […]

Five Awesome Benefits Of Chia Seeds

The popularity of recipes with chia seeds keeps on growing. Due to its amazing health benefits, the world has finally noticed the seeds of the chia plant. Apart from growing funny pet plants, chia seeds provide a lot of awesome health boost. So if you have not tried this wonder before, you might decide immediately after […]

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