The popularity of recipes with chia seeds keeps on growing. Due to its amazing health benefits, the world has finally noticed the seeds of the chia plant. Apart from growing funny pet plants, chia seeds provide a lot of awesome health boost. So if you have not tried this wonder before, you might decide immediately after reading the below benefits.

Chia seeds help control blood sugar




One of the health benefits of taking in chia seeds is that it can help you stabilize your blood sugar. Even if you have no diabetes, they help maintain your blood sugar at a good level by slowing down the flow of glucose into your blood. Most of the carbohydrates your body can get from these awesome seeds came from fiber, meaning they are safe for diabetics.

Support digestion




The fiber content of chia seeds makes it a gut-friendly food or ingredient. The fibrous material aids the passing of foods through your gut while keeping the colon healthy. So don’t be afraid adding a handful of these seeds to your everyday meals.

Reduce inflammation





Flavanols and other nutrients that function as antioxidants reduce the inflammation in your body. As inflammation of the digestive system has been linked to many diseases, taking in chia seeds decreases a chance of acquiring such conditions and discomfort.

Improve brain function




Chia seeds contain nutrients that boosts the brain function. It has the healthy omega-3 ALA, an important component for generating DHA fatty acids. It is also a  great source of protein full of the essential amino acids that keeps your mood and brain in good condition. On the other hand, its antioxidants protect the brain from damage and fights free radicals.

Good for weight loss




Chia seeds poof up as they absorb water or milk in its container. The ability to sip up 10 times their own weight will give you the feeling of fullness. So if you want to have a snack but aims to cut down on calories, add the seeds to your food or buy a chia seeds-based snack. You will feel full a lot quicker and won’t have the urge to grab another snack soon after.

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