Unlike what many others would think, eating healthy is not always expensive. There are plenty of ways on how to eat clean and healthy food while your on a tight budget. All it takes include putting a little bit of effort and getting more creative while shopping and preparing your meals. Listed down are 10 practical tips to eat clean and health on the cheap.

Say no to “convenience” foods

eat clean - junk

Foods ingeniously packed or those that you can eat while on the go cost more than the whole ones. Most of the times, these meals come out as a discreet type of junk food. In addition to being expensive, they contain lesser nutrients and more of harmful chemicals — so steer clear!

Be a shopping expert

eat clean - grocery

Walk the grocery aisle like a chef, meticulously checking on the freshness of each produce while considering its price. Try getting your goods from different stores such as supermarkets, green grocers, farmers’ markets and the corner store. Know where the good deals sit and identify which presents the cleanest products.

Healthy foods are real foods

eat clean - organic

Hands off the junks. Ditch those that has nutrition labels and keep it real. If you find trouble pronouncing the ingredients, much as knowing what they look like, let it go. Try visiting the stall which says “organic foods”. If you find them too expensive for your budget, mix them with non-organics. By doing this, you will evade pesticides and chemicals while keeping your buck safe.

Frozen foods are also good

eat clean - frozen

Go to the frozen aisle and check out the goods. Some organic foods in this area cost lower than fresh ones and this comes without sacrificing the nutritional content. These produce were harvested at their peak so there is really nothing to worry about. Unlike fresh products, frozen goods won’t spoil saving you more money in the long run.

Grow your own

eat clean - grow your own

If your backyard serves you no good in the past decade, try turning it into a small plot of land where you can grow your own produce. Apart from being aware of what you sow and what nourishment you provide, this could save you a lot of money. In addition, you eat clean and healthy foods without the troubling of gassing up and driving to the nearest supermarket. Also, it could become a lucrative business in the future.

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