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How long do you typically spend on the toilet?

Answer: 5-10 minutes is considered optimal. Spending more time can cause strain on the muscles and lead to hemorrhoids or other bowel issues.

Do you use your phone or other devices while on the toilet?

Answer: NO, It’s not recommended, as it can distract from the task at hand and cause you to spend longer than necessary on the toilet.

Do you have a regular bowel movement schedule?

Answer: YES, Having a consistent schedule can help regulate bowel movements and improve digestion.

Do you use a stool or other device to elevate your feet while on the toilet?

Answer: YES, Using a stool or device like The PoopSTICK can help relax the colon and make it easier to have a bowel movement.

How often do you strain or feel pain while having a bowel movement?

Answer: NEVER, Straining or pain can be a sign of constipation or other bowel issues, and may indicate the need for a change in pooping technique or the use of a device like The PoopSTICK.

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